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Who we are ?
We are E Commerce Experts. Giving our marketing services to a combination of more than 250 online E Commerce websites across the globe covering Uk, Europe, Usa, Australia, Russia and India. Story begun before 15 years starting from one website and has grown into above 250 E commerce websites. Our software houses and call centres are located in Uk, India, Philipness and our warehouses are located in Uk, Europe, Singapore, Usa, Australia and Russia. We are team of software engineers, Business men, Fashion designers, Finance experts, Marketing directors . Our team got more than 15 years experience in different fields and now in 2019 we finally reshaping it under our new website

A one stop shop for all a man needs

Some of the industries which we offer our marketing services are  

      Men Herbal  Health products, E Commerce, Online shopping , Shipping ,

                                      Men grooming , Men Fashion accessories

                                                      Our Future Vision . 

Our new concept of uk online gentle men Mart store aged over 30 is a combination of all of our above services.  . Beginning with E Commerce products , we are adding weekly more than 500 unique top selling products relevant to men age above 30. From fashion accessories , health supplement, herbal products, Abstract arts, from our own brand UKmenClub to designer branded products , This is 1st step. While adding E Commerce products and selling them across the globe , we send weekly news letter to our customers about different offers covering E commerce.